This was in response to the article, "Where does morality come from, if not God?"

    I'm inferring that this one-word feedback was attempting to answer the question, where does morality come from, if not God? I may be wrong, though.

    I suppose that's technically an answer. I think Occam's Razor would have something to say about adding in additional unneeded assumptions. How do "souls" help answer the question? I could object with, "Wait, no! The real answer is the soul's soul. So it's your soul's-soul that originates this thing." 

    Your asserted soul is just you, right? That moderately overlaps with secular morality, I suppose. I'm just not sure what adding magical brainless minds contributes to the conversation. Though, just as a side-note, the concept of souls isn't entirely incompatible with a secular, godless worldview. Skeptical and critical-thinking, yes - atheistic, no.