God Bless America

What can we say instead of 'God Bless America' to indicate our patriotism?


    I can think of a few sayings.

    • "Yay my country"
    • "My country is awesome"
    • "My nation is better than your nation"

    Granted, I'm not stellar at coming up with catchy expressions.

    Why is mention of God a requirement for expression of patriotism? Why do we need a rubber-stamp expression?

    Many people in the USA have interwoven religiosity into what it means to be "American". A recent Pew Research study showed[1],

    About a third (32%) of people in the U.S. believe it is very important to be Christian to be considered truly American. This contrasts with 54% of Greeks who say this, but only 7% of Swedes.

    Obviously, I'm not among the 32% of people in the US, and to me, there's no connection between a belief in a god, and patriotism... at all. For many, though, they're inseparable.

    So my answer to this question is somewhat glib, but mainly due to a question that seems perplexedly easy.

    • [1] http://www.pewglobal.org/2017/02/01/what-it-takes-to-truly-be-one-of-us/